AXITEC EV-Charger AXIbox 11K

We as AXITEC are expanding our product portfolio with an intelligent charging station for electrical vehicles (EV): the AXIbox 11K.

This marks the next step of us being a pure solar module manufacturer to a provider of complete sustainable solutions in the field of smart energy.

The AXIbox 11K impresses with its innovative and compact black design. A fixed cable of 7 m length makes the charging station a perfect fit for residential as well as industrial and commercial installations. All electrical vehicles with a plug type 2 can be connected easily and quickly charged with 11 kW AC. Extensive safety features with integrated residual current protection device, WiFi, RFID and Bluetooth as well as the free of charge App make the AXIbox 11K a smart all-rounder among the current available EV charging stations.

The high-quality standards of all AXITEC products in the past decades is also used in the AXIbox 11K to ensure that the customers receive a long lasting and robust product for the future.

The AXIbox 11K is available at all AXITEC distributors and installation partners.

AXIpremium XXL HC 540Wp

AXITEC is currently introducing the 182 mm cells as standard for its solar modules. Especially in ground-mounted systems and on commercial roofs or projects, the 144-cell half-cell module with up to 540Wp will establish itself in the market. The solar module designed for projects, called AXIpremium XXL HC, sets new standards in the relationship between total project costs and yield. The module was designed for worldwide use, so that it retains its performance over its 25-year lifetime even under difficult climatic conditions. Further increases in the efficiency of the cells and modules are expected in the coming years, so that an output of 555Wp should be possible by the end of 2022.

AXIstorage Li SH

Modular high-voltage energy storage with 7.5 - 15 kWh
The expert for residencials and e-mobility

The main characteristics of the AXIstorage Li SH are its ease of installation and flexible expandability. This storage battery is therefore the ideal partner for every household with a solar installation, as it can be individually adapted to any electricity demand. The AXIstorage Li SH casing can hold from 4 to 6 Energypacks (battery modules). The operating capacity therefore varies between 10 kWh (using 4 Energypacks) and a maximum of 15 kWh (6 Energypacks) in 2.5 kWh segments. In practice, this means that house owners can start out with 10 kWh today and are then able to adjust their storage battery capacity to increasing demand over the coming months or years, for instance for use with an electric car. The system is very easy to expand, since a 2.5 kWh Energypack weighs just 22 kgs, so that the installation can be carried out by one electrician.

The AXIstorage Li SH is compatible with the hybrid inverters Kostal Plenticore Plus / BI and SMA Sunny Boy Storage: 3.7 / 5.0 / 6.0

The German-made AXIstorage Li SH enables all solar installation owners to use their sunshine whenever they need it. If their electricity demand increases, they can cover their additional demand by way of a simple installation at any time.