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Januar 23rd, 2018



The African continent is blessed with an abundance of sunshine with around 300 to 320 days, but solar energy is still in its infancy. 600 million people live without any electricity. Enabling them access to electricity is a prerequisite for Africa’s long term economic development. All parts of the economy are affected by it. Machines run on electricity, offices and schools need light for their rooms. Moreover, thousands of hospitals in Africa have no electricity, they cannot use instruments as we know them. People do not have refrigerators for medicines at home. Under these conditions, diseases such as Ebola can spread faster. That is why Africa’s social and economic development is inextricably linked to access to electricity. Lack of investment and weak governmental policies can be named as the major forces for these circumstances.

A recent report from the African Progress Panel says, if you want to electrify Africa, you have to do that with solar energy, regardless of the large distribution networks, but sometimes in independent small regional networks, so-called mini-grids. The authors emphasize the cost benefits through solar power. For example, a solar system to run three lamps, a radio and a television costs 60% less now, than it used to in 2009. Also expenses on batteries for torches and candles, etc. will become obsolete, which average around 72 US-Dollars per year and per person in Ethiopia to have light in the evening. The construction of mini-grids would be even more beneficial for rural areas, which can operate, for example solar pumps for irrigating fields, milking machines or heat lamps in poultry farming. There would also be enough electricity to dry grain for better storage.

Gambia, Africa


AXITEC has supplied its solar panels and battery storage systems to several projects in Africa. Due to the increasing popularity and awareness of solar energy, AXITEC will participate for the first time in an exhibition on the African continent. The Solar Show Africa in Johannesburg is going to be the platform for AXITEC to show its high quality products. It is co-located with Power & Electricity World Africa, Africa’s largest and longest running power and energy event. The show is in the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on 27-28 March 2018.


  • Mary a Atupulazi

    Mrz th, 2018 7:08 PM Reply

    i am interested in distributing your solar panel in Africa. I have been in business for 27 years representing five manufacturing companies if usa. I have the net work needed to distribute your product. currently, I have a request for solar panel that will produce 50 kw of electricity.

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