Solar Module Power Performance Warranty


Dezember 21st, 2016

Solar Module Power Performance WarrantyComparison solar module power performance warranty.

Solar modules of AXITEC have a higher power performance warranty compared to most competitors. AXITEC gives a linear power performance for the solar modules over a period of 25 years. After 25 years AXITEC guarantees still 85% of the original nominal power output. Most of the other solar module manufacturers have a power performance warranty between 80% and 83%. Additionally, the linear power performance warranty gives the customer for each year of the lifetime of the solar modules a defined value. Thus its’s very transparent and the customer can calculate which power the solar modules should have. Why can AXITEC give such an outstanding power performance warranty for its solar modules?


The reason for the outstanding power performance is based on German engineering in selection of the raw materials for assembling a good quality solar module. The interaction of every single material results in a high power performance solar module from the first year up to 25th year. Additionally, AXITEC works together with a third party quality control service provider. The service provider is on site in the facilities of the solar module production and controls constantly the quality level of the solar modules. This helps AXITEC to provide a continuously-increasing level of quality in an effort to retain the attention of the customers. Secondary effect is to have an overview over the production costs. The party is watching and controlling all processes in the solar module production. Each problem is identified and solved immediately on site.


The outstanding AXITEC power performance warranty offers customers significant benefits and additional yield. Over the course of 25 years, AXITEC solar modules generate 1 – 8% more power or energy compared to competitors. Every customer can calculate for themselves what does 1-8% more yield means in money for himself. The result is very impressive and convincing. Thus, the AXITEC solar module power performance warranty gives the customer more security.


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