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Solar Modules Overview



The polycrystalline solar modules of the AXIpower series are the all-rounders among the AXITEC solar modules.
Whether for small systems or power plants – the high-quality solar modules with an efficiency of up to 17.21% provide an outstanding energy yield at reasonable cost.



The monocrystalline solar modules of the AXIpremium series are the specialists among the AXITEC solar modules.
These high-performance solar modules with efficiencies of up to 17.83% and excellent low light performance, guarantees a higher output.


290 - 300 Wp

Aesthetics meets energy. The solar modules are perfectly suited for installations where the black exterior design must match the high power output.

AXIplus SE


The smart modules of the AXIplus SE series can be individually controlled and switched off thanks to the junction box integrated smart SolarEdge technology. In this way up to 20% more output can be achieved per string.

AXIpower/AXIpremium HC

280 - 325 Wp

The power modules with half-cell technology have a lower cell resistance and thus a higher performance than standard modules.

290 - 300 Wp

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